You work as a research analyst as part of the relatively small analyst team at Wilson Asset…

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You work as a research analyst as part of the relatively small analyst team at Wilson Asset Management (WAM). Wilson Asset Management is the manager of a range of leading listed investment companies (LICs) trading on the Australian Securities Exchange which focus predominantly on pooled investment in Australian companies but also some which offer international market investment exposure. These LICs include WAM Capital, WAM Active, WAM Research, WAM Leaders, WAM Microcap and WAM Global. Wilson Asset Management also has close links with the philanthropic-focused Future Generation Australia and Future Generation Global LICs which were founded by Geoff Wilson, the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Wilson Asset Management. Wilson Asset Management conducts Shareholder Presentation days in both May and November each year, which are quite unique events as they include both updates on the performance of the WAM and Future Generation LICs, but also include investment managers and analysts providing individual insights and analysis of specific industry sectors or companies. Due to the lockdown and social distancing requirements currently in place due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Shareholder Presentation event scheduled for late May 2020 will be conducted as an online event. As part of planning for the upcoming May 2020 event, Geoff Wilson has asked each analyst team to prepare the following for presentation at the online Shareholder Presentation: ? Individual online visual and audio presentations by each analyst team member on one company from a specific industry followed by Wilson Asset Management and/or part of one of their LICs. ? An analyst group online visual and audio presentation providing a preferred company recommendation among the companies forming the focus of the individual analyst presentations. The individual analyst presentation should be of a maximum of 10 minutes duration and the combined analyst team presentation should be a maximum of 10 minutes duration for the overall analyst team. The presentation content should include both presentation slides or similar visual material and an associated verbal presentation. The contents of the individual analyst company presentations should be focused on a near-term investment perspective and potentially include: ? A description of the company background and activities ? The nature and position of the company within its industry sector and any specific drivers and competitive advantages associated with its business activities ? Current economic and market events impacting on the company ? A summary of the recent performance of the company and any forward-looking projections ? An intrinsic valuation of the company’s shares at the current point in time and provision of a valuation conclusion ? An overall conclusion about the company as a potential investment option. 2 The combined analyst team presentation should provide a comparative analysis among the individually-analysed companies and a justified recommendation of the preferred company out of those analysed. The industry and company allocations will be provided once analyst teams have been formed

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