Assignment 2 is aimed at pitching your innovative idea to a potential investor , venture capital…

Assignment 2 is aimed at pitching your innovative idea to a potential investor , venture capital

firm or angle investor. The pitch is expected to cover the problem statement , innovative

solution , all elements related to marketing analysis , identifying and demonstrating areas of

strength , competitive advantage and sustainability in terms of future prospects. The pitch is

also expected to cover financial analysis , demonstrating the financial backing of your project

and highlighting related Grants that you have applied for or even received and successfully

implemented in your current work and a justification for the amount of investment you are

seeking from the investor. The other objective of this pitch is to further refine your work based

on the learning topics that you have covered over the past couple weeks. Teaching team will

review and evaluate your presentation, from a standpoint of an investor who sits on the panel,

and will subsequently provide you with a valuable feedback from that perspective.

Another aspect of this pitch will be a zoom presentation of your work. A group of selected

students will be invited to practice and present their work via zoom. The group will be asked

to act as if the presentation is delivered in front of a panel of investors. This practise will

encompasses 10 to 15 students who will be randomly selected by the teaching team to present

their work or either express their interest or volunteer to present their pitch to potential

investors. It is important to note that there is no mark attached to this aspect of the work , and

that Live Zoom presentation will not be graded , or considered as an assessment task. The

schedule of presentation will be released around week 10.


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