to demonstrate their understanding of the extant, academic literature related to an…

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Assessment 1 Literature Review – Individual Assignment (2000 to 2500 words) For this assessment, students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the extant, academic literature related to an approved, business topic. In consultation with their lecturer, students need to decide on a business-related topic/concept. Students need to select approximately eight to twelve (8-12), but at least three (3), peer-reviewed articles or comparable sources (online resource can be accessed using ProQuest or Google Scholar) that are related to the topic (as the basis of their literature review). In the context of their chosen topic, students need to review the articles and sources selected, i. e. read and critically analyses (compare and contrast) the literature. In doing so, students are required to discuss the key ideas/arguments put forward by authors, identify communalities/similarities, differences and conclusions drawn by different authors. Based on this analysis and discussion, students are expected to point out potential gaps in the literature that will form the basis of Assessment 2, the research proposal.

Marking criteria of the literature review include: the quality and currency of the literature selected; the student’s ability to compare and contrast author’s arguments/viewpoints and identify gaps in the existing literature in the context of the chosen business topic; the demonstrated ability to use Harvard referencing. Assessment 1: Marking Criteria: Marking Criteria’s Marks Literature review scope and objective 5 Comparative Analysis 10 Quality and currency of articles and sources used 5 Gaps identified and conclusions drawn 8 Use of Harvard Referencing 2

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HYPERLINK “” h HYPERLINK “” u HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “” – HYPERLINK “” businesses?p=3&mbs=&cat=journa HYPERLINK “” l CC14 Feature – Cyber Crime Risks and Responsibilities for Businesses By Nigel Phair – Director Centre for Internet Safety – University of Canberra | Vol: 37 Issue: 5 | Nov 2014 Cyber Crime Organisations of all shapes and sizes are embracing the online environment and, particularly, the use of mobile devices for automation, improved customer interaction and greater enablement of their workforce. There are now millions of consumers transacting online with businesses every year and organisations have an obligation to protect any information that could personally identify their customers. This includes sensitive personal information, such as a person’s name, address, login details, credit card details or unique identifiers, such as a Medicare number, as well as transactional data and information that can be combined to identify or profile a customer. Transactional data may include system identifiers, such as internet protocol (IP) addresses and machine identifiers, such as media access control (MAC) addresses. Should…


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