PSYC2071-Similar to the “Perception assignment”, this assignment again puts…

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Similar to the “Perception assignment”, this assignment again puts you in the position of an expertin a popular newspaper—here, your expertise is in cognition. The newspaper has a section in which readers can send in their cognition-related experiences and questions for you to give a response. Your task is to explain the key cognitive concepts to the readersin a concise and accurate manner. Your “intended audience” in your responses are the readers of this popular newspaper, who are unlikely to have prior experience with cognition concepts. This ability to communicate to such a naïve audience is an important way in which you can demonstrate your understanding of cognitive concepts. Note that the text comprising each question is the only source of information that is available regarding the newspaper reader’s experiences. That is, there is no mechanism by which you could ask the newspaper reader to clarify or elaborate on their enquiry.


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