Step 3: Being Responsible with theResponsibilities Lens Part 1—Act with Courage Just to review…we’ve

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Step 3:
Being Responsible with theResponsibilities Lens

Part 1—Act with Courage Just to review…we’ve determined that you have the followingduties owed your stakeholders in this problem: Duty to notify Human Resources when a claim of sexual harassmenthas been made. Duty to treat all people with respect and care as you fulfillyour responsibilities as a manager. Duty to make sure that your employees have the information theyneed to protect themselves in the workplace. Duty to keep Gayle’s confidence once you make a promise to doso. In addition to these duties, an ideal option for the
Responsibilities Lens will be
reversible. Thereasons behind your action should be reasons you would willinglyaccept as ethical if you were on the other side of thedecision. Of the six options listed below, one of them is an ethically matureaction using the criteria of the
Responsibilities Lens,one is ethically acceptable, and one represents an ethicallyimmature action. The other three options define ethical behaviorthrough the perspective of the
Results Lens, which we’llexplore next.
Best Option: An ethically mature option is one whereyour reason for acting is consistent with your duties. In addition,the option should treat the other stakeholders with care andrespect.
Good Option: A good ethical option is one where youmeet your responsibilities to the stakeholders.
Poor Option: A poor ethical option is one where youthink only of yourself. I’ve made a list of what I think are the possible choices inthis situation. Considering your duties to the stakeholders, choosethe option that you think is the most ethical using the
principles and values of the
ResponsibilitiesLens. Which option best fulfills your duties? Option 1 Because you have to take control of the situation, forwardGayle’s email requesting the confidential meeting to Carol, the VPof Human Resources. Tell Carol what you’ve heard and ask her how tohandle Gayle’s request. Option 2 Promise Gayle confidentiality in order to avoid conflict. If thesituation involves possible sexual harassment, advise Gayle thatyou’ll handle the situation informally. Option 3 Tell Gayle you’ll maintain confidentiality. If she disclosesharassment, talk with Bill in order to end the problem as quicklyas possible. If he’s sending the roses, ask him to stop. If not,begin a formal reporting process. Option 4 Tell Gayle that you’ll do your best to respect her desire forconfidentiality and address her concern privately, if possible. Lether know that you can’t absolutely guarantee confidentiality untilshe tells you what the issue is. Option 5 Promise Gayle confidentiality. If the situation involvespossible sexual harassment, tell Gayle how to either file acomplaint or confront Bill so she learns how to handle her ownproblems. Option 6 In order to be truthful and transparent, tell Gayle that you cankeep a personal matter confidential, but that you may have toreport a work-related problem. Encourage her to review the CompanyHandbook before meeting with you. . . .

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