HLTH Discussion Board Post 1

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For this discussion board post, respond to the prompt in at least 200 words. Respond to the comments of at least two of your classmates, as well. Each of your responses to a classmate should be at least 50 words.

Discussion Prompt: Bittman
et al.’s article describes how the current U.S. food system impacts
children. Has the quality of life for children been enhanced due to the
food system as compared to earlier generations, or has it
deteriorated? Provide at least three examples from the article to
support your point. Additionally, Fallon’s article discusses the
different harmful ways commercial foods are processed. Fallon later
states that “to be healthy, we need to prepare our own food…this is the
only way to get nourishing foods into our children.” Would adopting a
national food policy alleviate the harmful ways that the foods she
discusses are processed, or is the processing of foods an unavoidable
by-product of a modern society?





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