HLTH Db Posting 1: Formulating and Explaining Valid Inferences

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For this discussion board post, respond to the prompt in at least 200 words. Respond to the comments of at least one of your classmates, as well. Your response to a classmate should be at least 50 words.

Prompt: A valid inference is
a logical conclusion based on evidence. In order to avoid making a
false inference, it is important to analyze the details to infer what
the author is implying.

ENGL 101, you are asked to explain what health issue is most alarming
from the articles by Lunau, Tweed, and Storrs. When thinking about your
Db prompt in ENGL 101, explain how you
came to the conclusion that either the sugar crisis in connection to
obesity, the sugar crisis in connection to aging, or the addition of
hormones to meat and dairy products is most alarming health issue.



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