short story thank you m am plot summary thank you m am

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Write your name and submission date on the document.

Create a WORD document and answer the following questions about the story you have read.

Check the following link to answer these questions; otherwise, your grades will decrease. You must use the elements of literature to answer correctly about the reading made.

1. Who are the characters? (all characters: major, minors, protagonist, antagonist)

2. What is the basic situation? (theme)

3. How is the conflict solved? (the type of conflict)

4. How does the story end? (also the learning)

5. In what point of view is the story being told? Provide text evidence from the story that helped you get to this conclusion (used by the author)

Create a WORD document to complete your assignment and save as you would on your computer, desktop, or pen drive with the title PLOT SUMMARY: THANK YOU, M’AM. Then, in order to send your summary, come back to this page, look at the bottom, browse for your document, click open to attach it as you would with an attachment on an email, then click on upload this file to submit. You will know the document has been attached because on the lower, left side, bottom corner of the screen you will see it.

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