advanced analysis of community health data and surveillance in public health

Important notes to take into consideration:

I need tutor that have experience in the following domain (Advanced Analysis of Community Health Data and Surveillance in Public Health)

The tutor must review the data set, and select the research topic based on the chosen data set variables

Identifying the appropriate dataset to answer your question may pose more challenges than just access to the source. After developing your research question, the first challenge is to find a dataset with enough information to answer that question, even though the dataset might originally have been designed to answer a different question. Working with secondary data will require a judicious analysis of its content, design methods, and validity in order to determine whether it will suit your research needs.

This week, you will select a topic that you would like to research using one or more of the provided data sets.

To prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources.

Review the data sets (located in this week’s Learning Resources), , and the Checklist included in the syllabus.

Select the data sets provided in this week’s Learning Resources for your Scholar-Practitioner Project.

After reviewing the data set, select the research topic of your project

submit a 1- to 2-page paper that includes the following:

An introduction/problem statement on the importance of your research topic as a public health issue.

  • Support your response, with a limited review of the current literature (3–5 references).
  • Translate your research topic into research question(s).
  • Use of APA formatting for your paper and citations for your resources


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