cj 2241 survey criminal law must have answer below plus 5 50 word responses me post later

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Each question is to be answered with at least 75 words with proper citing of sources PEER Articles only please APA format!  Each response is to be separated 1-5 this way I know which is which.

Due 21 Jan at noon CST


1)  What is meant by “search and seizure”? How does the 4th amendment of the Constitution impact this part of constitutional law? 75 words


2) What are the essential elements of “search and seizure”?75 words


3) What is the difference between consent to search, implied consent, third party consent, and reasonable suspicion?

Name one case and summarize it in your OWN words that fits one of the above. (Text is Criminal Procedure Sixth Edition) Each student is to find a different case that applies to these or other issues in Chapter 3. Look up a case and give a summary of 75 wordssummary (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) of the pertinent case.

The responses below are to have differnt views of whats written above so that I can post later in my discussion B

1) 50 Response  2) 50 Response  3) 50 Response  4) 50 Response  5)50 Response 



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