philosophy 27

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Can we attain certainty about our beliefs about reality?  If so, how?  If not, why not?  Be sure to define certainty carefully.  This is not psychological certainty (feeling ‘sure’) but logical certainty: knowing and being able to prove that you cannot be wrong.  You could develop this paper by considering the sources of our beliefs: authority, experience, reason, faith.  Can we be sure that these sources are not in error?  How? Should that change our everyday beliefs?  Why and how?  Should we want certainty?  Discuss varied and specific examples. Suggested readings: Descartes, Meditations, Wittgenstein, On Certainty, Benson Mates, Skeptical Essays, and the bibliography here


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-List reasons with or against the possible answers.

-Choose a position (and include some of these pro-and-contra reasons in your essay).  Once you’ve settled on a thesis, express it as a claim.  Make clear any phrases that need definition. That is, it should be clear what would make your thesis true or false.  If you can’t imagine a situation that would make your thesis false, you need a more sharply defined thesis. 

Use examples to show where the definition applies, and where it doesn’t.

-MLA format please.

Always keep in mind what the issue is.  To argue for, we must show that there are no such beliefs, that all beliefs about reality are uncertain.  To argue against, we must show that there are at least some beliefs about reality that are certain, that cannot possibly be wrong.

-5-6 pages please.

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