ece 405 assignment 2

Annotated Bibliography – Resource One

For the Final Paper in Week Five, you are required to complete a literature review.  For your literature review, you will choose one area of interest to explore in-depth. The themes that you may choose to explore are:

  • Culturally Relevant Methods
  •  Anti-Bias Curriculum
  •  Diverse Family Structures
  •  Multicultural Education 

Select one theme from above to explore and begin reviewing the literature.  Choose one article from the provided resource list or find a scholarly resource that is relevant to your chosen theme.

You will add a second resource in Week Three and a third resource in Week Four, all related to the same theme.  The annotated bibliography will be submitted each week, as a component of your literature review.  

Your Annotated Bibliography must address the following requirements:

  • Summarize the content and focus of the article.  Be sure to include the main ideas, with supporting evidence from the article.  The summary must be in your own words.  
  • Describe the relevance of the source to your chosen theme and real-world classroom application.
  • Evaluate the information presented in the article.  What is your reaction to this resource?  Has it changed your thinking about your topic? Why or why not?

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