true story

Narrative Speech Guidelines



In this 3-5 minute assignment, you will tell a story. The story may be true or fictional.  You may tell of a humorous experience, a life altering moment, or something in between.  You may share a personal story about yourself or others.    The goal of this speech is to get you thinking about the importance of delivery techniques and language, while at the same time gaining confidence speaking in front of a group.  The stories may be as revealing and personal as you are comfortable with, but MUST be class appropriate. Think of yourself not as a speech-giver, but a story-weaver.  


Questions for Prompt:


  • How can you best convey the details of what happened?  
  • What details must be present?  How can you ‘set the stage’?
  • What descriptive words/ imagery must be used?  How can you place your audience “in” the story with your use of language? 
  • What should your vocal tone be like to suit the occasion?  
  • What kind of facial expression and bodily movement do you need to best tell the story?  


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