3 4 page paper economics

Title:  The Economy, Monetary Policy, and Monopolies

analyze the current economic situation in the US as compared to five (5) years ago. Include interest rates, inflation, and unemployment in your analysis.

Propose 2 strategies that the federal government could implement that would encourage people to spend money in order to create employment opportunities.

Identify a situation in the past 50 years in which the government used antitrust policies to stop a monopoly from occurring.  Inlcude the circumstances of the proposed monopoly and the reason the government stepped in.  Predict what would have occurred had the monopoly succeeded.

Propose 2 methods of identifying groups of customers who should receive a discount for a product or service without alienating consumers.

Suggest 3 reasons a monopoly may or may not be efficient in an economy.

Use at least 3 resources from peer reviewed journals or quality websites.

Use APA format Times New Roman Font, double spaced. with a Title Page, Introduction, Body, conclusion and References page.  This paper can be longer than 4 pages if needed.

due: February 25,2013

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