mission statements goals and objective

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Please respond to the following topic regarding the goals and objectives of a health promotion program.

  1. Discuss the differences between a goal and an objective. Identify two well written examples of each

The original posting should be approximately 150 words in length. Each posting to your classmate should be approximately 75 words in length. Respond to two other classmates using supportive comments and questions to continue the discussion. Be sure to proofread your postings and cite reference(s) as necessary.


Remember to provide at least 2 examples of both goals and objectives (that is four total!).  Although it is not explicitly stated in the question, also consider offering an explanation as to why you consider these to be well written examples. Do they have all the components? Are they clear? Do they focus on outcomes instead of program activities? Conversely, should you find poor examples, I encourage you to discuss that, as well.

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