you are going complete several meteorological tests using large weather balloon you wish c 0

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You are going to complete several meteorological tests using a large weather balloon. You wish to check the temperature at 3000 meters altitude. You want to make sure the balloon will not burst before it reaches this height. Some calculations are needed. Knowing that the balloon manufacture guarantees the balloon up to 60.0 Liters in size. Will the balloon make it to the necessary height without bursting? The temperature at ground level is 20 C. The pressure is 755 mm hg. The volume of the balloon prior to release is 44.8 Liters. It is filled with helium which is lighter than air. For both calculation you will be using PV =nRT show all work for any credit. 1. What amount in grams of helium is in the balloon? Hint remember n = moles 2. Can the balloon ascend to 3000 meters without bursting? the Temperature, pressure at 3000 meters are Temp = -4 C, Pressure = .686 atm

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