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think of a time you experienced a service failure and reflect on your experience.

Be sure to answer:
What was the failure or shortcoming?

How was your attitude toward the service provider affected? ï‚·

What was the company’s offer for resolution?

How did your attitude change based on the company’s action?

For the second half of this assignment, assume you are the team leader for a consulting group that is charged with designing, developing, and implementing an organization’s system for customer relations management. Develop an outline of the opportunities that you believe such a system would provide the organization, the challenges inherent in developing the system, and the issues related to implementing and using the system.

Be sure to:
Identify the necessary inputs and support staff for the system.

Discuss what information will need to be gathered. ï‚·

Outline how that information will be collected and managed.

Explain how the system will improve customer retention.


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