response to a post 7

I need you to response to the following post with 200 words APA style:

Opportunities of expanding a business

  1. Target new customers
  2. Expand into new territories (Shelf space in more stores/new city, state, or country/etc.)
  3. Sell more product

Uncertainties of expanding a business

  1. Will the quality of the product drop with increased demand?
  2. The reliability of the supplier (or new supplier if the current supplier does not cater to the new area)
  3. How well the business will fair with competing businesses.

Hazards of expanding a business

  1. The product is damaged while being transported
  2. Paying too much for additional shelf space/warehouse storage.
  3. Delivery of product being affected by new delivery routes

Compliance requirements of

  1. Differing compliance requirements in different cities/states/countries
  2. Insufficient insurance (i.e. no flood insurance and the warehouse is flooded after heavy rainfall)
  3. Failure to comply with OSHA standards

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