this is 2019 aoj 204 class criminal trial process

Hi, so I will post the questions separately because I will rate you as per the score of each assignment

So this week we have three assignments, I want maximum grade please

Assignment 1: Courtroom Observation (Extra Credit)


The following are guidelines for your courtroom visit.

  1. Attend a criminal jury or bench trial (a bench trial is where there is no jury, the judge makes the final decision).
  2. You may also watch a preliminary hearing (with witnesses).But a trial is preferred.
  3. You should attend the event for a minimum of 3 hours.Court hours are generally as follows (but they can vary according to each case, judge’s schedule, etc).
    1. Morning session runs from 9:00am – noon
    2. Lunch break from noon – 1:30pm
    3. Afternoon session from 1:30pm – 4:30pm.

Do NOT watch arraignments or sentencing hearings. These hearings do not involve live witnesses, so they will NOT count for this assignment.

That means that if you show up to court at 10am, you’ll need to stay and watch some of the trial after lunch.Some courtrooms frown on visitors showing up in the middle of witness testimony.Therefore, it’s best to show up at the courtroom just a few minutes before 9am for the morning session or 1:30pm for the afternoon session.

There can be a line at the courthouse entrance at the metal detectors.Make sure you allow time for this.

As you enter the courthouse and pass through the metal detectors, you’ll see several sheriff’s deputies and bailiffs.Tell that that you are a student looking for a trial to observe. They (or the court information clerk) will have a list of trials and hearings taking place in the courthouse.They can send you in the right direction.

When you walk into the courtroom, find the sheriff/bailiff and introduce yourself as a criminal justice student there to observe.You have every right to be in the courtroom, it’s open to the public. But the bailiff needs to know who you are.

You may go to any courthouse.The San Diego courthouses include one in South Bay (Chula Vista), downtown San Diego, El Cajon, and Vista in north county.If you attend a trial downtown, keep in mind that you will have to pay for parking.There are lots around the courthouse that range in price from $10 – $25.The other courthouses have free parking.

4.Submit a written report about your court observation.Include the following information:

a.Courtroom number and name of judge

b.Names of prosecutor and defense attorney

c.Type of hearing (trial or preliminary hearing)

d.Main facts of the case

e.Witnesses – tell me what they testified to

f.General impressions such as how the attorneys did, did the witnesses seem believable, do you think the jury or judge could come to a guilty verdict based on what you saw?And please add any other observations you made or impressions you had of the process or the players.

5.Your paper should be a minimum of 1.5 pages and a maximum of 3 pages.Please use proper APA format, and include a cover page (the cover page is NOT included in the 1.5 -3 page length requirement).You don’t need a References page.

Note:A few things to remember.You don’t have to dress in formal dress attire (men aren’t required to wear suits, women don’t have to wear skirts).However, you do need to dress in a way that represents your professionalism. Therefore, do not wear shorts, a sweatshirt with a hoodie over your head, flip-flops, short skirt, anything with offense language or symbols, etc.Dress casual is appropriate.You may wear nice blue jeans, but no jeans with holes or baggy (sitting below the waist).Bailiffs won’t let you use your phone in the courtroom (make sure it is silenced), don’t bring in any drinks or food other than water, and no gum chewing.

**Bring a pen and paper so you can write notes during your observation.

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