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After conducting the exercise, I was able to learn new characteristics that I never knew I had. My score for impatience (S) was 37, for job involvement (J) was 32 and lastly, for hard driving and competitive (H), the score was 37 totaling to 106. The behavior pattern for impatience shows that one is anxious to interrupt, fails to listen attentively as well as gets frustrated by waiting for example in lines or for others to complete a job. I happen to fall under the category of becoming impatient and frustrated by waiting. The behavioral pattern for job involvement represents characteristics such as focal point of attention in the job, lives for the job, relishes being on the job and lastly gets immersed in the job activities. Here, I was able to identify my strengths when it comes to involvement in the job. I always enjoy working in my organization since I have a passion for my career. The behavioral pattern for hard driving and competitive is hard working, highly competitive, becoming competitive in aspects of life, sports and work as well as racing against the clock. This shows the determination to succeed. My total score shows I fall under the category of moderate Type A which is between 99-121. The results show my behavior in the organization and how I can be able to improve on some issues, for example, the issue on impatience. I need to ensure I am patient with life. However, I feel good that I am fully involved in my job and I do take it as a priority since I enjoy working.

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