topic falls and fall prevention

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A. Evaluate a primary, quantitative research, peer-reviewed journal article (suggested length of 3–5 pages) that has healthcare implications by doing the following:

Focus on falls and fall prevention

1. Describe how the researcher addresses the following four areas in the selected journal article:

  • background or introduction (e.g., the purpose of the study)
  • review of the literature (e.g., research used to support the study)
  • data analysis (e.g., how the researcher analyzed the data)
  • methodology (e.g., research type and sampling methods)

2. Evaluate whether the evidence presented in each of the four areas of the journal article from part A1 supports the outcome of the study and implications for future research.

3. Explain how the protection of human subjects and cultural considerations were addressed by the researcher, using specific information from the journal article from part A.

4. Describe one strength and one limitation of the study.

5. Describe how the evidence from the article in part A informs current nursing practices.

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