c s lewis and thomas paine or bertrand russell and thomas paine

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Compare and contrast

Length: 3-4 full pages (not counting the title page and References page)

Topic: Compare and contrast the views of one of the following pairs of thinkers, as these are presented in the course readings:

Option (A): C. S. Lewis and Thomas Paine Option (B): Bertrand Russell and Thomas Paine

Sources: Use the two course readings that match your topic.

– C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, Book 2 P.27

– Bertrand Russell, “Why I am Not a Christian” p. 32

– Thomas Paine, Age of Reason selection, pp. 96-99

List of Paragraphs: Use the following paragraphs in this order.

1. Introduction:Drawinthereaderinanengagingwayandintroduceyourtopic.Make the last sentence a thesis that presents the main claims of the paper. The thesis should briefly state the main similarities and differences that you will present.

2. Similarity1:Presentonesimilaritybetweentheviewsofyourtwochosenthinkers, including at least one quote from each thinker.

3. Similarity2:Presentasecondsimilaritybetweenthethinkers’views,includingatleast one quote from each thinker.

4. Difference1:Presentonedifferencesbetweentheviewsofyourtwochosenthinkers, including at least one quote from each thinker.

5. Difference2:Presentaseconddifferencebetweenthethinkers’views,includingat least one quote from each thinker.

6. Conclusion:Signaltheendofthepaperandsummarizeyourthesisandmainideas.End with a memorable closing. If you want, you can include your own opinion on the topics discussed in the paper as part of the conclusion.

As can be seen above, the list of paragraphs is somewhat different from Paper 1. In this paper, we will be using a new style of compare-and-contrast writing called point by point format, where each body paragraph will focus on one “point” of similarity or difference between your two chosen thinkers.

Evidence: As evidence, include at least one direct quote from each thinker in each body paragraph (for example, one quote from Lewis and one quote from Paine), for a total of at least

two quotes per paragraph. These should be direct quotes from the course readings. A good strategy is to use my videos, notes, and other materials on Canvas to review the main ideas in the readings and then go back to the texts themselves to find suitable quotes.

For the required quotes, do not use the iBook introductions to the readings, the course videos and notes, or any other sources, such as outside websites. Outside research is not required or recommended for this paper.

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