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Please listen to: (Malcolm Gladwell) Revisionist History Podcast (there are a few ads around minute 14!)

“Burden of Proof” Season 3 – Episode 2

Please note before you listen: This podcast is about the impact of CTE on the mental health of athletes, in particular, college football players. If you are uncomfortable listening to this podcast, please let me know and I can easily assign you another topic for this paper. For more information, you can find the synopsis of the podcast here: http://revisionisthistory.com/episodes/22-burden-o…

You have been hired by UPenn as an ethical consultant, and you’ve been asked to make a recommendation.

In preparation for this, please complete the following steps:

  1. Conduct some research about college-level football programs and learn how (or if) other universities are addressing this problem. Please note: I do not expect you to conduct an exhaustive study. Summarizing and referencing two or three articles will be sufficient. (3)
  2. Please identify the stakeholder with the most power and explain why you think this stakeholder group has more power than the other stakeholders. Please be sure to reference the source of power and integrate this into your discussion. (2)
  3. Please identify the stakeholder with the most legitimacy, and explain why you think their narrative will resonate most with the public (1)
  4. Please identify the stakeholder with the most urgency and explain your reasoning. (1)
  5. Please use the information you’ve gathered thus far and analyze it according to two different ethical perspectives. Please make sure you thoroughly explain the ethical perspectives you use.. (6)
  6. Please recommend two courses of action based on your analysis in the previous question (2)
  7. Please choose and explain the course of action you recommend and describe the impact on the stakeholders you prioritized in answering questions: 2, 3 and 4 (you can write this answer in chart form) (2)
  8. Please discuss the expected consequences (positive and negative) of implementing your final recommendation. (1)
  9. Think of a situation you are facing now where you feel that you should take action based on a moral premise, or reflect on a time you now believe you should have taken moral action. Please describe the circumstances, and then describe the thought process you will (or would have) followed in order to react in an ethical manner. (2)

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