issue of public policy in the united states texas or the world

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Example Topics or Research Questions:

Gay marriage, foreign policy towards Russia, foreign policy towards China, the national debt, race relations, prison reform, ferguson, police / community relations, immigration reform, tax reform, school reform, cost of higher education, the economy, trade, the TransPacific Partnership, NATO, stand your ground, castle law, open carry, college campus carry, health care reform, Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security, equal rights ordinance.

**There are many topics that can be approved. I just care that you pick something that you are truly interested in learning more about. See Issues and Contraversies

Students may opt to write a five page paper (double spaced) over a policy topic. The essay should be informative and state your opionion about an issue. Students must include a properly formatted works cited with parenthetical citations or footnotes. A thesis or purpose statement must be included. Students should state their opinion over a policy topic and defend it with quality information. The word count is around 1200 words. 3-5 sources should be used.

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