use these short readings to answer question in 2 page essay

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Phil Jackson, Sacred Hoops or Eleven Rings

What are two ideas or practices Phil Jackson draws on from the religious

traditions of the world (zen Buddhism, Christianity, Native American) in such a way that

they help him or his players experience flow, as flow is described by Mihaly

Csikszentmihalyi? In your answer make sure that you explain the ideas or practices and

refer to the elements of the flow theory, either from the article “Play and Intrinsic

Rewards” or Fr. Kelly’s powerpoint about flow. (Because Jackson does not explain its

roots in a religious tradition, you cannot write about visualization in this answer.)

The paper will be two pages, double-spaced, 12 font. Due Friday, April 26 in class.

There will be no seminar sessions this week.

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