final essay 67

The Final Essay consists of answering the 5 Application Exercises questions at the end of Chapter 11. On pages 308-309 (Ch 11), you will answer all 5 questions under the heading of Applications Exercises. Please note the following:

1) You must answer all 5 questions.

2) All questions must be numbered and answered in a mutually exclusive fashion – meaning, please label each question by the appropriate number and answer only that question…then move on to the next question.

3) Each question must be answered in a substantive, detailed, and thorough manner. In addition to your personal thoughts and opinions, students will research the various principles and competencies in the book and cite appropriately. There must be a thorough analysis and an understanding of the topic with reference to your textbook. As this is an APA format, please cite in-text and with a formal reference footer as well.

4) Submit as a Microsoft Word format.

The questions on pages 308-309 are as follows:

1. An airline runs a recruiting advertisement for cabin crew that shows a picture of a small boy sitting in an airline seat and clutching a teddy bear. The headline reads: “His mom told him not to talk to strangers. So what’s he having for lunch?” Describe the types of personalities you think would be (a) attracted to apply for the job by that ad and (b) discouraged from applying.

2. Consider the following jobs: emergency department nurse, bill collector, computer repair technician, supermarket cashier, dentist, kindergarten teacher, prosecuting attorney, server in a family restaurant, server in an expensive French restaurant, stockbroker, and undertaker. What type of emotions would you expect each of them to display to customers in the course of doing their job? What drives your expectations? Be specific for each job and role mentioned.

3. Use the service talent cycle as a diagnostic tool on a successful and an unsuccessful service firm you are familiar with. What recommendations would you prescribe to each of these two firms?

4. Think of two organizations you are familiar with, one that has a very good and one that has a very poor service culture. Describe the factors that contributed to shaping those organizational cultures. What factors do you think contributed most? Why?

5. As a human resources manager, which issues do you see as most likely to create boundary spanning problems for employees in a customer contact center at a major Internet service provider? Select four issues and indicate how you would mediate between operations and marketing to create a satisfactory outcome for all three groups.

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