need assistance with question below this will be on police suicides

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n this assignment, you will begin wrapping up research proposal. This unit you will be writing a comprehensive a final draft. The research proposal final draft in its entirety will contain the following sections in APA style:

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction
    1. Problem Statement
    2. Purpose Statement
    3. Hypothesis
  2. Chapter 2 Literature Review
  3. Chapter 3 Methodology
    1. Target Population
    2. Sampling
    3. Instrument
  4. References
  5. Appendix A Instrument


  1. Use the template provided to complete Final Draft (see explanation below) of the research proposal template.
  2. Submit via TurnItIn by Sunday 11:59 pm CT.

See the Research Proposal Template.docx for details needed in each section.

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