the epic of gilgamesh follows the quest archetype pattern 1

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Assignment: Write a minimum two page analysis how the epic of Gilgamesh follows the quest archetype pattern as described in the file.

Do not write an introduction or conclusion. Rather, begin with a single sentence stating your overall agreement: Gilgamesh starts as this type of person …. ends as this type of person.

Be succinct, to the point, avoid wordiness. Densely pack your essay with information. show the depth of your understanding of the handout and book.

-Gilgamesh’s psychology: focus on how Gilgamesh changes over the stages of his second quest (after Enkidu dies). What is he like before this quest ? what does he say and do that reveal his character? what do others say about him? what specific events transform him? what evidence suggests he changes (or doesn’t change much) by the end?

-Quest Archetype details: Focus on the large scale quest pattern, but reference specific details from the file. Gilgamesh may not follow the stages exactly, so you can discuss divergences.

-Quotes: weave in four to six short relevant supporting quotes (with page number) from the Ferry translation that reveal Gilgamesh’s mindset from start to finish.

-Do not summarize: Don’t retell the events. instead, briefly refer to the events, then explain how they support your overall argument about Gilgamesh’s transformation.

-No outside sources get everything from the book and the quest archetype.

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