work 88

Playtime Toys is growing. Customer service database is over 3TB, Global sales is over 3.5 Billion. Headquarters wants to put the existing Web Services, data and access in the cloud. There are 7 main web servers currently. All of which are clustered together. All servers are physical now and costing thousands to operate each year for warranty coverage and software assurance. 
The Data base server is SQL 08. There are currently 3 SQL Servers currently handling the Customer database, online products and marketing material. There are 3 Sharepoint servers that currently host Corporate divisions and all documentation for each division. Main Divisions are: HR, Marketing, Engineering, Production and Sales. 
The existing HQ Web servers are part of a Dell Compellent SAN with 34 TB of Data store available to it. 
The Existing SQL Servers are also part of the aging Dell Compellent SAN. 
The SAN has 10 heads to it, each running the Windows 08R2 Server OS. (a head is part of the SAN that holds the Server OS but is Clustered to the other heads in the SAN) 10 Heads …(10 Server OS’s) all sharing 34 Tb’s of Data Storage.
Each Sharepoint server is an aging HP Proliant DL380 G7 (actual spec: HP ProLiant DL380 G7 X5650 2P 12GB-R P410i/1GB FBWC 8 SFF 750W R 583966-371)

These servers hold 8TB of data store per chassis and each has 124Gb of RAM Installed. Quick reference of these servers can be found here:

Currently the IT Division of Playtime Toys has a budget of 5.5 Million per year. That includes staff and hardware gear for 22 employee’s in HQ. We would like to trim that budget down if possible. So costs and responsibility shifting might be a good option. 

Business owners are looking for the IT Department to break into 2 teams. Team 1 handles Proposal 1, Team 2 handles Proposal 2. 
Proposal 1: Business Owners desire to see what it would look like from a security perspective if we put our HQ Operations in the Cloud. What does that look like. How would we have Accountability, Integrity and Confidentiality if we put our HQ Operations in the Cloud. Who would we use, how can we trust them. What processes, procedures, would the team propose. 
Need to see Design with clear objectives, standards being used and frameworks proposed. What are our options. Include each item of the Server Infrastructure of HQ.

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