find a current news article

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Date Due: May 21, 2019

Maximum Points: 100

Maximum Length 2 pages (double spaced)


1- Find a current news article (either from the internet or any news publication) in which you find a legal issue pertaining to “business law”

2- Apply any laws and/or legal principles we have covered in this class to the facts of the aforementioned news article and provide your own conclusion based on your analysis.

3- Staple a printed copy of your chosen news article to your 2- page written assignment.


That is all the instructions provided to me on paper. I literally have no time to work on it and I failed the mid term for this class recently so this paper shall it be an A should boost my grade back up hopefully. Thanks. Please find and choose any article of your choice as I will not provide one. Work on this paper as if it is yours.

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