product market focus

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6- Market Product Focus: (answer these question; short answer ) according to the files content

a. Target markets (4-5 paragraphs)

i. Who are your target markets; what is your segmentation strategy (grouping buyers’ criteria, market size, selection criteria, synergies, competition?

ii. Why were they selected as targets?

iii. If you are marketing a consumer product or service which VALS group (s) will you target and why were they selected

iv. If consumer product/service, how will each the four factors (marketing mix, situational, psychological, sociocultural), influence the purchase decision

b. Points of difference – 3 to 5 points

i. How are you different from your primary competitor(s) identified in the competitor analysis?

c. Positioning (1-2 paragraphs)

i. How do you want the market to see your firm versus your principal competitors identified in the competitor analysis?

ii. How does this product or service fit in with your existing brand?

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