209 advertising in consumer culture

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Please choose to answer two questions from the following three questions. Each answer is expected to be approximately 2 pages, double-spaced. Each answer requires the citation of at least one academic reading (preferably class reading) using APA style.

Total points: 70. Each question is worth 35 points.

  1. Branded Entertainment:
    • What is branded entertainment? How is branded entertainment different from traditional advertising practices?
    • What factors contribute to the rise of branded entertainment?
    • What are the potential problems/challenges related to branded entertainment?
    • How is branded entertainment regulated now?
    • What are Michael Serozio’s key arguments? Do you agree or disagree with him?
    • Do you think branded entertainment is an effective advertising practice? Do you think branded entertainment is an ethical advertising practice? Why or why not?
    • Use an example of branded entertainment to illustrate your point.
  1. Digital Advertising
    • What are the key characteristics of digital advertising?
    • Why do advertisers now turn to digital advertising? Here, you need to provide background about changing media environment and the changing media consumption of consumers.
    • Compare and contrast one successful digital ad campaign and an example of failed digital ad campaign and explain why one was successful while the other failed. Here, you need to provide a detailed analysis of the campaigns.
    • Given that tremendous amounts of data are collected and algorithms are used to profile consumers, what are the social, cultural and political implications of online digital ads? How would such techniques contribute to social polarization and have an impact on democracy?

  1. Consumer Activism
    • How do you define consumer activism? What are the differences between consumer activism and the activism promoted by corporations?
    • Why do corporations now take an activist stance in selling their products? What are the potential benefits and challenges?
    • What is the relationship between consumer activism and ethical consumption? Do consumers have an ethical responsibility when purchasing products? If yes, why? If not, why not? Given the difficulty in understanding the production process of many products, are consumers culpable if they happen to purchase products or from companies that engage in ethically questionable practices?
    • Are consumers empowered by activism/feminism promoted by corporations such as Dove? Why or why not?
    • Use specific examples to explain your points.

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