paper about mycobacterium

Follow the instructions below:

1. Introduction: Briefly describe the organism and its characteristics including gene numbers ( use google search or any website) , please include a bibliography at the end of the document. For M. colombiense see

Use italics for the scientific names and remember that M. colombiense is Mycobacterium colombiense. Two pages maximum and one page minimum for this section.

2. Methods (Two pages maximum for this section):
– Describe the dataset, how many reads, characteristics, source (SRA).
– Genome assembly: What software are you going to use gsAssembler for M. colombiense or AMOS for E. coli and how. The papers assigned are going to help as well as the classes next week.
– Genome annotation: What software are you going to use for gene prediction: Glimmer. See paper assigned. Genome annotation: RAST.

3. Bibliography

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