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hello there,

I have already write the assignment, however, it needs to be rewrite and be more professional.

Please make sure that I have answered the two questions Clearly. Or you can change, edit, or add by your touch.

Please keep it one page or less, try to summarize what I wrote, and go straight to the point.

please do not use References

For the second question, You can change the Idea if I done it wrong.

Assignment : Mapping the Metrics that Matter: Look back at the example of a good/bad customer experience you had in week 2. In one page or less:

1- Write out for me the channels you interacted with as you moved through each of the five stages of the funnel (awareness, consideration/intent, purchase, loyalty, advocacy) and. These might be marketing channels, or not.

2.Tell me if there are any channels that could have been used in any of these 5 stages to make your experience better.

(channels like loyalty or advocacy might not apply to your experience you described, but how could they be used here?)

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