macroeconomic data report 1

Choose a 10-year period in the history of the United States between 1950 and today. All responses will be related to that time frame.

I choose the period of 2000-2010

Using the Milestone One PowerPoint Template provided, create 4–6 slides that address the following critical elements:

1. Examination of Macroeconomic Data (Be sure to include speaker notes to accompany all of your responses.)

2. Unemployment and Inflation

3. Analyze interest rate fluctuations throughout this time period and their effects on other aspects of the economy. How would these fluctuations affect inflation? Would investments and foreign trade rates increase or decrease? How would the GDP of the American economy be affected

** Please review all attachments for more detailed instructions**

**Speaker notes must be included**

Please follow the instructions in this captioned video in order to submit your PowerPoint as a PDF with notes so that your instructor can view your speaker notes.

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