complete geo assignment 1

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This week you are going to act as a travel agent and give an overview to an entire sub-region within the Europe realm. Assume that your audience knows nothing of the area.

You may choose from one of the following subregions and must cover each of the countries in that sub-region: The British Isles (Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), Western Europe (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Mediterranean Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus), The Microstates (Liechtenstein, Andorra, Vatican City, Monaco, Malta, San Mario), Northern Europe (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), The Baltics & East Central Europe(Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary), South-Eastern Europe (Solvenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania) or Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine.)

Create a PowerPoint slideshow showing what someone should expect and would need to know about traveling to this European sub-region. (You may include information for the leisure tourist or the business tourist.)

Each of your slides should include the following bulleted information/research and imagesfor this 80 point project:

Geographic description of the region with a map (10 points)

Physical features (landforms and water) and climate zones/weather (10 points)

Culture (religion, language, customs, currency, foods, dress, etc.) – (a compare/contrast chart may be helpful) (10 points)

Places of interest or landmarks (a minimum of one per country) (10 points)

Large cities overview/demographics (include ethnicity %, age %, sex %, general population) (10 points)

Wildlife (plants and animals) (minimum of 5 bullets) (10 points)

Interesting laws and travel precautions (minimum of 5 bullets) (10 points)

Correct spellings, grammar, minimum of 5 different APA-cited references (references should be the final slide), APA in-text citations and consistent format. DO NOT use paragraphs. Bullets should be short and concise. (10 points)

All slides should be interesting with visuals/image/map and text. Do NOT copy/paste from the internet, but instead please paraphrase into small bullets of information.

For those who use Apple, please export correctly, ZIP files are NOT accepted.

Projects submitted late will earn 0%, this includes assignments emailed to the instructor at/after 2:01pm. If you have an issue with uploading this assignment, please email it immediately to your instructor at If I receive it after 12:01am it is late and you will earn ZERO points.

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