assignment 933

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The writing assignment as follows:

1. Given a world population of over 7 billion; I want you to look at latest
available data on energy consumption of countries per capita. List the top five
per capita energy users. Give a gross percentage assessment of their energy mix
(renewables, nuclear, fossil fuels, etc.). Include your reference sources.

2. Pick an industrial process and make suggestions regarding what improvements
`energy engineers’ can contribute to more energy efficiency and cost savings.

3. You are a founding member of an energy consulting company that specializes in
cost reduction though energy audits and process optimization in manufacturing.
You are making a presentation to the international chamber of commerce, which
includes many potential clients, on your area of expertise within the company.
They want to know your philosophical approach to managing world energy
requirements in the near future given the competitive environment for non-
renewables worldwide. Please give an outline overview of your presentation.

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