21st century careers discussion 2 required job interviews

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Discussion 2 on Job Interviews has 3 parts:

  1. Read interviewing tips from several web articles.
  2. Post 1 discussion entry.
  3. React to postings by 2 other students.

To find details for each part, scroll down. [In the next module, we’ll focus on how to show a job interviewer what you’ve researched about the company or organization. Here, we focus on communicating what you know about your skills, abilities, and values in the interview.]

1. Read interviewing tips from several web articles.
Focus on what you can do to present your skills and your value to an employer in an interview.
As you read, think about your biggest challenge in getting job interviewers to understand your skills.

Choose 3 of the following 6 articles to read in depth:

  1. Get new ideas about Sticky Interview Tactics I and Tactics II from Nick Corcodilos’ Ask the Headhunter site.
  2. Gain confidence from The Two-Minute Crash Course on Interviewsby What Color is Your Parachuteauthor Richard Bolles.
  3. Get ready for the interviewer styles you can expect in Monster.com‘s The Six Species of Interviewers.
  4. Then practice using Monster.com‘s 5 Tips for a Virtual Interview.
  5. Check out specific interview tips from AARP‘s JobTips for 50+ Workers. (Some of these tips focus on employees age 45+; they also synthesize interview ideas for all ages.)
  6. Learn how to handle the interview situations that feel most challenging for you in these articles from the U.S. Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop. Find especially helpful tips in this article “Interviewing: Seizing the opportunity and the job.

2. Post one discussion entry of 300 words or more.

Describe your biggest challenge in enabling an employer to “get” your skills and see what you can contribute. Then, based on your reading, list and describe 3 specific things you can do or say in an interview to overcome this challenge. Share inspiring or horror stories from past interviews.


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