scientific method 7

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Choose an item from one of these lists and write a clear, well-reasoned step by step description of how the scientific method would be used to solve the problem or make the evaluation. Identify each step, i.e., observation, question, hypothesis, etc. You are not expected to actually do the experiments. Additional instructions are given below.

(If you choose an item from this list, don’t solve the problem on the first try. You should have at least a couple hypotheses.

  1. You discover the dishes in the dishwasher are not getting clean.
  2. You discover the vacuum is not picking up crumbs on the carpet.
  3. You discover that when you bake a chocolate cake using your favorite recipe, it tastes a little bit “off”.
  4. You discover a puddle of water on the basement floor when you get home from work. You clean it up,but the next day, there is another puddle.
  5. You discover that when you make your favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies they are flat. I choose the first one already and thought I completed the assignment, however, my professor specifically said to make sure to “Separate your steps starting with the hypothesis and ending with whether you accept or reject each hypothesis. Don’t forget to include the steps that go in between.” So you make an observation, ask a question, form a hypothesis, do an experiment, collect data, make an analysis, reject the hypothesis, and then make another hypothesis until you accept it. I need someone to help with this portion of the assignment. I did not separate them and I need help doing this, thank you. If you need to change anything else that will increase the quality please feel free to do so.

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