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Prompt: One of the first things we should do in examining “How should we live?” is to examine how you live. Write a paper about one aspect of who you are that includes a implicit argument. Think about exploring point of view, voice, and style. Use Hamilton as a starting place to think about style, introduction, and who gets to tell your story. Who gets to decide how you’re perceived? Why? What are the conflicts between your story and the narrator? As we see through the songs, there are various viewpoints on Hamilton’s life and each perspective adds more complexity about who the man really is (at least in this fictional account). The genre of this assignment is creative non-fiction, but don’t be afraid to use poetry, dialogue, or other narrative techniques when necessary. Use the other texts such as Doyle or Didion as a model to explore your voice and message.

1. Please look through the feedback from my professor and classmates carefully. The biggest problem are the lack of personal examples and the paper is too academic and formal. I am just a normal college second-year student. Write like I write it. Be sure to add 2 pages to my original paper. Please help me to improve it.

2. Reflection: Reflect on the reading and writing you’ve done this week. What was difficult? What was easy? What was unexpected? What did you learn about your writing process and/or writing skills? Write at least three paragraphs exploring your writing.

This assignment is very important to me. If you do well, I can give you some extra tips!!!

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