Health Status Data and Epidemiology

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Complete the following:

  • Go to the Google Images website (
    • Search for and choose one of the epidemiologic triangles.
    • Copy the triangle into your posting and respond to the following:
      • Describe the relationship between environment and agent that caused so many persons to become ill at Watersedge
      • Consider the triangle readings. Why do you think not every person who was exposed to the causative factors became ill?
      • If 800 people visited the park and ingested the agents and 40 became ill, which rate would you calculate and what would that rate be per 1,000 persons?
      • Why is it important to calculate rates of disease?
  • Develop a prevalence, incidence, or mortality rate question
    Example: State health department data show that the rate of Hepatitis B in your state is 0.9 per 100.000. The population in your county is 25.000 and 10 cases of Hepatitis B were reported. What is the rate of Hepatitis B in your county and is it higher or lower than expected?

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