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  • Exam should be returned in the same word document that you received it. Change the name of the word document to your first and last name and include the phrase “final exam HAP360”
  • When you are finished please upload this document to Blackboard.
  • No other file, besides this word document, is to be attached to your email. You should not attach an Excel file or a file from your Project Management software to your email.
  • Show the steps you went through to get to an answer.
  • When the question asks you to show a chart of a figure, produce the work in Excel and copy and insert your work into this document. Make sure that the chart you copy into word is easily readable. Resize, crop and align so that the document is easy to read. You will lose points for not making a clear presentation.
  • If you did your calculations in Excel, copy and properly format the cells from Excel into this document.
  • Answer all questions, including questions that ask for your name or whether you received help from others.
  • All of your response should be in black color. Do not use red or alternative colors. Do not bold your text.
  • When asked to list, do not write essays. Make a brief and numbered list. Please do not “cut and paste” answers. I want to know the answer in your words.
  • Points available for answering each question correctly are shown in parentheses.
  • Please read the entire exam before starting.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper