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Take this time to reflect on your team and self-performance in ORBM 102/ORBM 112 to date. After doing a reflection, answer each question honestly and with examples. The only persons to read this essay will be the instructor and your T.A. While there are no minimum number of paragraphs/pages for your responses, most students take at least a page to answer each question. Make sure that you are specific as details Count most with this assignment. Please be sure to type the question in bold first (single spaced) then have your answer (double spaced) to follow. Do not forget to include a cover page. Questions are worth 20 points each.

1) Evaluate each team member (give full name then explain how they have been working

within the team.) After evaluating your teammates, then evaluate yourself.

2) Did you add any team members after you were assigned to a team or did you lose a

member(s)? How did this/these new or “dropped” member(s) affect your team? If no one was added or dropped, please explain how this type of change could have affected your team.

3) What have been some of the biggest challenges with your team to date? Please give examples Such as meeting participation, preparing for presentation, Fall Games, etc.

4) What are you most proud of regarding your team? Give examples to support your answer.

5) What is your plan moving forward, for improvement or continued success? Also how will

you remain or gain cohesiveness for the rest of the semester? (NOTE: Layout the exact strategy you plan to implement.)

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