Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College Metabolism and Thyroid Hormone Lab Report

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Your write-up should be in nonnumeric, paragraph form. Your write-up should be in a formal style. Your writeup should be in a format described in the handout.Your writeup should be clearly and formally writtenYour writeup should have clearly identified sections (include headers for each section),Your writeup should have well-done graphs: 1) appropriate titles, 2) labeled axis, and 3) a short narrative describing the table or graph).Your writeup should include citations within the text and references cited section at the end of the text.Your writeup should include a summary in which you use the information in the introduction to explain the results.Your writeup should include a methods section which provides the reader with an overview of how the data was obtained and analyzed. A specific citation is included if standard methods were used.

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