Graduate Student:Dr. Patterson did you see what Richard Rorty said about Bertrand Russell in his review of Russell’s philosophy?

(1) Graduate Student:  Dr. Patterson did you see what Richard Rorty said about Bertrand Russell in his review of Russell’s philosophy? He said that with a little more historical perspective, Russell will eventually be viewed as a relatively minor twentieth century philosopher!

Dr. Patterson:  Really, then what does that make him [Rorty]?

a.      appeal to force fallacy

b.     ad hominem, tu quoque

c.      appeal to pity

d.     accident.

(2) Your little Tommy wants a slingshot for his birthday, but you shouldn’t give him one. If you do, next he’ll want a B-B gun. Then a 22 rifle. After that it will be a high powered rifle, and then an Uzi and an AK-47. Soon he’ll want a bazooka and after that an antiaircraft gun. In no time your home will become an armory.

a. no fallacy

b. hasty generalization

c. slippery slope

d. false cause

(3) Mary claims that she would be a good accountant for our company.

She points out that she graduated at the top of her class in business

school, and that she is a CPA. But I happen to know that Mary is very

deceitful, and has repeatedly been accused by former employers of

falsifying the records. So we shouldn’t hire her. [assume these claims are credible]

a.      accident

b.     appeal to force

c.      appeal to pity

d.     no fallacy

(4) Man, these religious zealots just can’t stop challenging the separation of church and state. You can’t take any argument they make about school prayer seriously.

a.      ad hominem; abusive

b.     appeal to popularity

c.      appeal to force

d.     no fallacy

(5) Everybody is reading Tom Wolfe’s novel about Atlanta, A Man in Full. It was at the top of the New York Times best seller list for ten weeks. You ought to read it, it has to be a good book.

a.      appeal to force

b.     ad hominem

c.      hasty generalization

d.     appeal to popularity

(6) Aristotle, a philosopher of ancient Greece, believed that women

were innately inferior to men, and that all other people were inferior to

Greeks. So obviously some of the things that Aristotle believed were


a.      appeal to force

b.     no fallacy

c.      appeal to popularity

d.     red herring

(7) Jonathon says that tobacco consumption is a major public health program that should be dealt with by more government regulation. But think of how many people are killed by cars, what about fast foods, and now terrorism!

a.      appeal to pity

b.     ad hominem

c.      red herring

d.     appeal to popularity

(8) The FBI and the CIA failed to prevent the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Therefore, Congress should set about abolishing these government agencies should be abolished immediately.

a.      appeal to popularity

b.     appeal to pity

c.      appeal to force  d. missing the point fallacy

(9)When a car breaks down so often that repairs become pointless, the car is thrown on the junk heap. Similarly, when a person becomes old and diseased, he or she should be mercifully put to death.

a. weak analogy

b. division

c. false cause

d. amphiboly

(10) Mr. Suddeth claims that he witnessed the accident and that the car was signaling a left hand turn before turning. However, Mr. Suddeth’s testimony is questionable. He confessed to smoking marijuana just prior to the accident and the driver of the car was his friend.

a.      appeal to popularity

b.     red herring

c.      no fallacy

d.     appeal to pity

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