global business environment individual analytical paper

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Assignment 1 due on in class on February 13 (for last names A-J). Please note that assignments should be single-spaced, with 1″ margins in a 12-point font, 1200-1500 words. Put your name on your submission.

Do some recent research on globalization, NAFTA, TPP and the US-China trade tensions and:

1. Make 3-5 arguments in favor of globalization and global free trade.

2. Make 3-5 arguments against globalization and global free trade.

3. What is you view on the impact of globalization for the US? Please discuss in depth.

Please remember that this assignment is worth a lot of points so I expect to see research (properly cited), application of text concepts (mostly Chapters 1-3) and a high level of depth and detail.

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