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Gender Socialization Paper  


In this assignment, you should provide an in-depth analysis of your own gender socialization. You are to apply what C. Wright Mills called the sociological imagination, i.e. you are to analyze how your own experiences with gender socialization were shaped by social institutions and historical forces.


Some of the questions you might consider are:

  • What are some of the ways in which you are/were socialized into an “appropriate” gender role?
  • How did various social institutions (e.g. your family, mass media, religious institutions, educational institutions, sports etc.) shape your gender identity?
  • Why do we place such great importance on “proper” gender role behavior?
  • How does society deal with people who violate gender norms?
  • How does gender socialization shape who we become as individuals?

Your paper will be evaluated on its structure as well as its content (see grading rubric). It is, therefore, important that your paper is properly structured. It should have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement. The thesis statement makes clear what the main issue of your paper is. After the introduction follows the body of your paper. The body should lay out the various components of your paper. Use this as a rule of thumb: One idea per sentence, one topic per paragraph. After the main body of your paper is completed, finish it off with a concluding paragraph where you draw logical conclusions from the material presented in the body of your paper (not a summary).

In this paper, you must cite three different sources. At least one of these sources should be your textbook, and at least one should be from an academic journal. You should access academic journals through the Columbia College Library. You may use additional academic sources if you wish. You must properly cite all of your sources in the paper and include a bibliography. Columbia College rules regarding plagiarism will be enforced.

Note: online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia are not considered to be valid academic sources.

The paper, worth 140 points, should be no less than 1,000 words, double-spaced with 1” margins. Be sure to include your name on the paper. Save your file as a .doc (Microsoft Word) file and upload it to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox area by Sunday.  PAPER IS DUE BACK TO ME NLT OCTOBER 5TH.  THANK YOU.


Gender Socialization Paper Rubric

Criteria Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Approaches Expectations Does Not Meet Expectations
Application of sociological imagination, sociological principles and concepts to own experiences Provides original sociological insights and analyses of personal experiences.
35 points
Provides sociological terms and applies them to personal experiences.
31 points
Provides terms but does not adequately apply them to personal experiences.
24 points
Does not apply sociological terms to personal experiences.
0 points
Explanation of how the self develops sociologically 35 points Explains the social aspects of self, includes explanation of self as a process and not self as a product. 
35 points
Explains the social aspects of self.
31 points
Some explanation of the social aspects of self.
24 points
No explanation of how the self develops sociologically.
0 points
Connection of role of social institutions in gender socialization Clearly connects structural factors to human behavior, addressing major social institutions.
35 points
Some connection of structural factors to human behavior.
31 points
Connection of some/or one structure to one or some human behavior.
24 points
No connection of structural factors to human behavior.
0 points
Sources and citations Includes three or more academic sources and contains only minor citation errors.
20 points
Includes one or more academic sources and may contain a few citation errors.
18 points
Includes no more than one academic source or there are numerous or major citation errors.
14 points
No academic sources are used.
0 points
Structure, grammar, usage and spelling errors Clear structure and contains only minor errors.
15 points
Good structure, with few errors.
13 points
Some structure and/or several grammar, spelling, usage errors.
10 points
No structure, and numerous spelling, usage, grammar errors.
0 points

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