GAPS analysis question

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Question. Conduct your own GAPS analysis.

Please see the attached .doc file for the below questions. You can use the attached document file to complete both questions below.

1. Conduct a GAPS analysis for yourself (see textbook pp. 93-97)

  • Goal: Clearly identify what you want to do or where you want to go with your career over the next year or so.
  • Abilities: What are your strengths to help you succeed in your current/previous jobs?
  • Perceptions: Feedback from others. What are others reactions to your strengths and your development needs?
  • Standards: What does your boss (or your organization) expect for your career objective?

2.Identify gaps in your GAPS analysis.

  • What are your biggest development needs?
  • How should these development needs be prioritized?

Format: Use the attached document to answer fully – all four sections on page 1 and what to do to remove gaps on page 2.

Please use this time for your own benefit. Before you start, please think about your career goal first. A detailed career goal will be helpful to work on this assignment.

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