fronts And Midlatitude Cyclones.


In this lab we will learn about fronts and how they are related to midlatitude cyclones.

Part I Types of Fronts

A front is defined as the boundary between two airmasses. The major types being:

  • mT – maritime Tropical (moist and warm)
  • mP – maritime Polar (moist and cold)
  • cT – continental Tropical (dry and warm)
  • cP – continental Polar (dry and cold)

When any of these airmasses meet, they form a front. Depending on which airmasses meet and which airmass is moving forward (and which is moving out of the way) you will have different kinds of fronts.

The two main types of fronts are cold fronts, where cold air is advancing forward toward warm air, and warm fronts, where warm air is advancing forward toward cold air. This video gives a brief overview of these two types of fronts:

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