Follow attachment. I’m writing question #1 about personality ​

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I’m writing question #1 about personality

Add work cited and also direct quotations from the book The Metamorphosis.

4 pages of content and 1 page of work cited so 5 pages in total.

1. Develop questions about the text. Use specific page numbers to refer to the text. Questions fall
into 3 categories: fact, opinion, and interpretive questions.
Fact questions: don’t lead to effective discussion because they are not open ended. (ex. Who
turns into a bug?) They can be useful in a confusing novel to help establish some foundations, but
generally avoid factual questions.
Opinion questions: can provoke interesting responses especially if they are accompanied by a
request for reasons and support. (ex. Are Gregor Samsa’s parents morally repulsive? Is the father
worse than the mother? Why or Why not?). However, simple opinion questions, such as “Who is
your favorite character?” or “Did you like this book?” are unacceptable; they are too broad for productive discussions.
Interpretive questions: or questions that ask for informed speculation are the most promising for
discussion. (ex. Why does Gregor turn into a bug? Is there a psychological significance to becoming a cockroach? Or What does the apple symbolize? What other apples appear in literature and
what do they symbolize? Why is it important that it is thrown in anger?) Interpretive questions ask
the readers to think critically about what they have read and support their ideas with logic and details from the text. This is the kind of question you should focus on asking

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